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It seems we're all on a journey to get our lives together. It's why we get distracted with "helpful" articles on Facebook; it's why we pin all the "helpful" tips on Pinterest; and it's why we have endless goals and to-do lists to "help" us get to where we want to be--at peace and content with our lives.

Ready for the secret to getting your life together? It's simple...

Getting your life together starts in the home.

I know, that's a little anti-climatic. But it's true. A better work life, a healthier body, a soul at peace--it all starts right here at home. Or, for you it's right there in your home.

And that's just the premise behind the resources I'm putting together for you. Remember Simplifying Home? It's a blog series that includes an 8-week checklist going through every area of the home to make it more simple, making our lives more intentional and content along the way.

Well, I'm expanding it. Putting together encouraging words for when simplifying is not easy or natural, and printable pages for simplifying home. Not just for a more organized home, but for a more put-together and at-peace life. Which is what we all really want anyway, right?

Best part: I'm sending the ebook + workbook to my e-mail subscribers for free download on October 31!

Throughout October, we're counting down to it's release with 5-minutes-a-day of pinnable quotes from the book, printable pages from the workbook, and more! In the meantime, make sure you're signed up for the e-mail list (below), and spread the word or join the conversation with #SimplicityVs. All are welcome.

I can't wait to share this with you!

31 Days to Simplicity Vs. eBook + Workbook

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Friday Update // 31 Days

Simplicity Vs. ebook + workbook coming soon!

I heart planning. It's probably the primary reason I do the 31-day series in October. I can't not do it. Sure the writing is good, but the planning. Oh, the planning! It's my favorite part.

Earlier this month when I shared my latest "epic 31-day series plan" with my husband, he made an observation (probably around the point his eyes were glazing over): "You're a really good planner. You should just tell people how to plan."

He might have been teasing me... just a little. But the truth is I really wouldn't know how to tell you how to plan, because it just comes natural for me. So, Daniel went ahead and listed the steps he's seen me take:
  1. Make a plan.
  2. Use the word "epic" a lot.
  3. Tell someone all about your plan in great detail; make sure to point out how epic it's going to be.
  4. Do the plan (optional).
  5. Plan some more!
So, that's what I've been up to this last month. Sure, there's been a little writing and designing, putting plans into motion, learning about our new essential oils, settling into our new home, and enjoying family. But there's also been a lot of sweet, indulgent planning.

The plans include:

31-day countdown

31 days in October counting down to the release of Simplicity Vs.--my first simple living ebook and workbook especially for reluctant simplifiers. I will introduce you to it throughout the month with some pinnable quotes and excerpts from the book, perhaps a free printable page or two from the workbook, and more.

free ebook + workbook

The Simplicity Vs. ebook (for when simplifying is not easy or natural) and workbook (with a checklist, guided journal, and printable pages for simplifying home) will be sent to all of my e-mail subscribers on Fri Oct 31 and available for free download for one day only. Let everyone know that you think might be interested. All are welcome!

It all starts with the first day of the coundown on Wednesday October 1. Hope you'll come back then!

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What would you most want to see in a book about simplifying home?
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How to Design Your Own Birth Announcement

How to Make Birth Announcements (3 ways) in PicMonkey
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I recently introduced you to our newest family member, Oliver. Today, I'm sharing how I created birth announcements for him with tips if you want to do your own.

Making your own birth announcements (for free) in PicMonkey...

PicMonkey has countless options of how to go about creating your birth announcement that depends on what look you're going for. Because of that, this will partly take you step-by-step through the process, but will mostly include tips to get the look you want at each step in the process.

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