U7 and Global Rain

I had 3ABN on this morning and a voiceless ad for Global Rain caught my attention. I went to the website and got excited about mission all over again! First, I got excited reading about U7. My passion, probably because I attend a large church, is to just start it among my friends. The church in Mongolia did something like this with their Bible study groups. When the groups grew to eight or more then they were to divide up into two smaller groups. The goal is continue growing and ignite faith in God--deepening faith for ourselves and our peers, and expanding the joy to others as well.

I want to take part! I'll continue to pray about what that really means and take action... within a week? It's great because the units determine a time to meet weekly or biweekly, and then as the units grow they can meet jointly every 4-6 weeks to ingite and motivate and coordinate evangelistic efforts. In a church setting, team leaders would report to pastors to further plan. But in the context that I want to begin, a Bible study among friends and growing our own faith in God will be a vital and exciting foundation to begin personal evangelistic efforts.

Check out the sites--tell me what you think. Start your own group. Or, if you're in Lincoln, join efforts with me. Let's get off the side-lines and get into the race!