Can't Beat these MPGs

Hypermiling: It's all about fuel efficiency. Wayne Gerdes is the top dog hypermiler. His CleanMPG Web site has more information including a definition and an article on the "Why's and How's to Hypermile" including a lot of details and stats. Gas Savers is another on-line community dedicated to fuel efficiency.

Apparently there are even competitions where a car rated for 60 city/66 highway can average 165 miles per gallon, and reach as high as 200 MPGs. So maybe I can't get those exact results from our '93 Toyota Camry, and I certainly won't go to the illegal extremes that some do, but MSN has Gerdes basic steps to get 50 MPGs out of your current car. Now this I can do:
  • Coast to red lights, and, if timed right, you'll hit the green while moving forward. Tip: Just watch your rearview mirror.
  • Reduce the idle. If you're at a standstill for 10 seconds or more, turn off the car. If the drive-through window line is long, then park and go inside.
  • Follow speed limit signs. Or go slower.
  • Drive with a warm engine. When running errands, drive the furthest distance first so the engine can get warmed.
  • Avoid drag. Anything not necessary from roof racks to team flags should be removed from the car.
  • Lose weight. Well, not you personally, but the weight you're carrying around in the car. Remove anything that's unnecessary or not currently needing transported.
  • Increase speed slowly and avoid quickstarts.
  • Maintain your car. Inflate tires to their maximum allowable pressure, and use synthetic oil for engine lubrication.
  • Right turns only, or as much as possible. You break more and use more gas on accelerating for left turns.
  • Park in a parking spot where you can pull forward rather than wasting gas on backing up.