How I Twitter without Twitter

I started a Twitter account mostly just to see what it's about. I've had maybe one follower request (is it called something special?) since I've started the account, and if I knew the account information I set it up with I might be able to approve that one follower. Well, if I cared. For Twitterers, What the Trend is a resource of explanations to the trends going around Twitter. Truth is, none of those details make sense to me. What full-time office worker without a Blackberry has time to keep on top of something like Twitter? So, for me, What the Trend is just another way for me to see the trends with the explanation without the hassle of just one more social networking site to maintain. I know a little bit more about world news (Laura Ling's and Euna Lee's imprisonment in North Korea) and sports (Laker's leading Orlando in the playoffs) than I might otherwise have known. If you find me on Twitter, don't be affended if I don't accept your following (or whatever it's called)... "Trina is working or playing with Brylee or cleaning house or dating her husband or journaling or socializing with real life friends or exercising or reading or cooking or Blurbing or ....."