Temporary Wall Art

I'm a fan. It's affordable. It's Stylish. And it's removable which is necessary for a renter like myself. My first find were giant Gerbera flowers that I used in Brylee's room--only a $ at the Dollar Tree. Now that we've moved, I'm ready to find another fun design to brighten Brylee's room. Here are some sites I found more or less noteworthy:

  • Stickers by dVider - The site is so clean and simple, as are the designs, and prices are reasoanble ($20-40).
  • RoomMates - Neat clean Web site, cute options and decent prices ($20-30).
  • Wall Slicks - Site is a little more cluttered, more detailed with color options for each design and higher prices to match ($60-90). They also have a blog and how-to/tips that might be helpful even if you don't purchase from them.
  • Raging Vinyl - A little more modern, all sillouette options in various colors at mediocre prices ($20-40).
  • The Surface Store - Modern site, pretty basic options at higher prices (hanging bubbles=$54).
  • Dezign with a z - Cutesy Web site, cutesy designs with prices all over ($20-30 and over $100).
  • wallcandy arts - All kids designs for a variety of prices ($20-60). The Decorate A Room app is entertaining if not helpful.
  • Creative - Looking to personalize? This might be a place to start, though you'll have to request a quote.