Date Night Planning Picnic

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Our date night ideas have been dwindling. More accurately, our motivation to remember and act on date night ideas has dwindled. I find great ideas on Pinterest or Google, then can't quite decide which date we should do and we end up with a Redbox 99% of the time. (The other 1% we go "out on the town" which means browsing Target, the mall or TJ Max. Exciting!)

Enter: Date Night Planning Picnic.

"Date Night Planning Picnic" was our date theme last week. Yes, we still ended up with a Redbox. But we started it off with a picnic and some planning for future dates. I packed up whatever odd mix of picnic foods we had in the house (hotdogs, corn chips, trailmix, sliced apples), picked Daniel up from work and headed to Holme's Lake.

Brylee chose a perfect secluded spot in a cove of trees where we laid out our blanket and bag of food. The sky was blue and the grass green and the sun shining and the birds singing, and all of those wonderful signs of Spring that conjure up feelings of peace and happiness.

After eating our food, we did a quick date night planning exercise. I had an envelope with squares of paper and two pens. Daniel and I each wrote down a few date night ideas to add to the envelope. When it's our turn to plan date night we'll pull an idea from the envelope which takes the decision-making that we struggle with out of date night. We'll do whatever is on the paper, and whoever's turn it is to plan can interpret the date however they see fit.

{indecision date dice}


Other takes on preplanned dates include date dice (like above that can be personalized! or make your own), this great date night jar with popcicle sticks, or thoroughly preplanned envelopes like these.

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