Trying New Things {surfing in hawaii}

I've mentioned Design Mom a few times in the last couple weeks--I hope it's not seeming stalkerish or creepy. What can I say, Gabrielle (the woman behind the blog) is talented and inspiring! Well, here I go mentioning her again, because this time she mentioned me!

I'm a part of today's Design Mom Asks, where she asked us:
What is the last thing you tried for the first time? And, would you do it again?

Are you wondering what I answered? Humor me and act like you care, and checkout the post to find out. (The collage above is a hint.)


  1. Consider yourself humored. And that's pretty cool. PLUS I didn't know you've surfed in Hawaii!

    1. Thanks, Mic :) And we can learn new things about our friends everyday!

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