Envelope Advent Calendar

envelope advent calendar

Yesterday marked the beginning of the 25-day countdown to Christmas. Yay! After collecting advent calendar ideas >> here, I chose this >> simple tutorial (#15 from my round-up).

homemade envelope advent calendar

The adorable paper came in a Christmas pack from Hobby Lobby, made cheaper with a 40% off coupon (thank you, stranger in line behind us). I already had a roll of hemp twine and a package of clothes pins, and even a few holes in the wall from birthday banners past.

envelope advent calendar

Advent Calendar Details

Brylee is still learning where Jesus and Santa fit into the Christmas story, and why we do various traditions. I wanted our Advent Calendar this year to intentionally help us focus on the nativity story, as well as encourage us to spend a little time each day celebrating the season together.

This includes 3 parts...

1 | Stories

Each day we'll read the nativity story from a variety of books we have. This will be a lot of repetition, which works perfect for our kids (2 and 5). As they get older, I imagine we'll expound on the story to include more before Jesus' birth (i.e., the fall of mankind), more after His birth (His resurrection) and why He needed to be born.

2 | Activities

Each day has an activity we'll do to celebrate the season together. This includes eating seasonal treats, viewing lights, watching our favorite Christmas movies, attending local Christmas events, and donating food, socks or toys.

3 | Songs

We will sing a Christian Christmas song as part of our family worship and when the kids go to bed. We'll do one for a couple days so they can learn it a little better.

envelope advent calendar inspiration
counting down to christmas with an envelope advent calendar
envelope advent calendar


  1. Love this! and so pretty. :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful idea ... thanks for sharing it!

  3. I never got the point of Advent Calendars...but I like this idea...like a lesson plan, almost. Perfect. I think I'll use it when my kiddo is older!

  4. Thank you! We've never done an Advent Calendar before, but the ones I've seen recently (and fallen in love with) are all about experiencing the season together or diving into the Christmas story. I'm glad to be more intentional about that this month.

  5. It's very visually nice, but I really like the three parts! Are you willing to share all 25 ideas? What did it look like when you did the people city mission fundraiser? How did Brylee and Ian respond to this kind of idea? Does Daniel get involved at all?

    I really like this. Thanks for sharing and the ideas!


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