Shine: The Beginner's Guide to Living More Intentionally for Christ Everyday | ebook

Shine: The Beginner's Guide to Living More Intentionally for God Everyday is an ebook sharing ideas and inspirations for letting our lights shine. Based on the blog series 31 Days of Letting Your Lil Light Shine, the experiences shared in this book encourage us to wake up and do something.

Shine is not a prescriptive how-to, but is rather a few ideas to progress the conversation. Ideas of steps that start in our own little worlds until we're taking the Good News of Christ to all nations.

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It doesn't end there.

Shine is more than an ebook, it's also a fun giving project that shines in action by donating 30% of all proceeds to an organization called Tiny Hands International. Tiny Hands focuses on helping orphans, street children, and the victims of the sex-trafficking industry in Nepal, with work expanding in Bangladesh and India.

Let's join in letting our lights shine!

Here is more of what you'll find in this 7 chapter, 70+ page PDF ebook...

1 | Learn How to Shine

Exploring sources for learning how to shine, including...
...the Bible (where to fit it into the day and what to read).
...children (because Jesus said to become like them).
...books (even if you're a slow reader).
...other people (while overcoming criticism and comparisons).

2 | Start in Your Own Lil World

Getting through challenges that limit, to start...
...where you are (even if it's chaos).
...with your family (and how to be a spiritual leader for them).
...with your circle of friends (through giving time and being in the moment).
...on your worst day (with ideas to beat a bad day funk).

3 | Live Differently

Making people wonder what makes your life stand out by living...
...happily (like smiling more or complimenting freely).
...slowly (ideas for slowing and why it matters). secret (not taking credit for doing good).
...unexpectedly (through random acts of kindness and faith-filled life choices).

4 | Expand Your Shine

Being open to Christ increasing His shine... door (because we're called to love our neighbors).
...beyond ourselves (even talking to strangers as an introvert).
...around the world (particularly the oppressed and hungry). our influence (realizing we have one, and using it for His good).

5 | Join the City on a Hill

Taking part in the family of Christ by joining...
...a community (in our own homes or neighborhoods).
...a church (and getting involved).
...a small group (or starting one).
...friends (and making it a party)!

6 | Focus on the Light

Keeping sights on the Light of the World through...
...scripture (ways to dwell on it through the day). (even for non-musicians).
...prayer (asking, receiving, and giving thanks).
...goals (and creating a spiritual goal board).

7 | Rest on Purpose

Exploring what is the Sabbath, and ways to rest...
...from work (and how to start stopping). His presence (especially our role in showing up).
...with a tradition (and ideas for creating Sabbath traditions). action (a Sabbath "fast" that delights the Lord).

Conclusion | Wake Up + Do Something

Waking up to our call as Christians, and rocking this world in His name!

Buy Shine today, and progress the conversation on letting our lights shine for Christ everyday...

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  1. Can't wait to see what God does with this!!!

  2. I'm so impressed with the good work you've done here. Way to go!

  3. hey!? so very cool! so sorry for the oh so very late response on this!!? I will link this up ;) what a great series and what a great cause!!

  4. Thank you, friends, for your comments and support!


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