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Guess who's starting an impromptu home simplification challenge?!

Thanks to encouragement from my sister, we're dedicating the next eight weeks to Simplifying Home. It's inspired by the Home Cure, but with a little more focus on cleaning out and decluttering while living with purpose and appreciation in our homes. This challenge especially focuses on three areas of home living: Simplicity, Intentionality, Contentment.

Find the Simplifying Home checklist we're following >> here.
Then join us and share your own progress on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #simplifyinghome.

I'll share some further explanations and resources each week and link them here:
Week 1 // Setting Up
Week 2 // Living + Family
Week 3 // Kitchen + Dining
Week 4 // Bathrooms + Self-Care
Week 5 // Bedrooms + Closets
Week 6 // Storage + Organization
Week 7 // Office + Workspace
Week 8 // Wrapping Up

I hope you'll be inspired and encouraged to live well in your simplified home!

What is Simplifying Home?

Simplifying Home is week-by-week home checklists lasting eight weeks. It's perfect for spring or fall cleaning, getting ready for a move or after recently moving, or just any time you finally get fed up and are ready to "fix" your home. Or maybe a pregnancy-induced nesting bug? Maybe that's just me.

The checklists are more a direction for getting started. No need to check off every item for every week. But make your best effort each week and you'll notice definite progress in your home while you build your own momentum.

There are three basic sections to each week's checklist...

i. Simple

The process to achieve simplicity can actually be quite a challenge, even though it's very simple:
1. Clean
2. Declutter

So, each week will focus on a new area of the home to clean out and declutter. The end result will be a pleasantly cleaner and simpler space worth the challenge to get it there.

ii. Intentional

This means implementing change or a new habit for better living. It might involve adding a habit to your routine or an item to your home, but doing so on purpose. Specifically choosing those activities and things that will actually improve home life.

The areas I focused on are maintaining basic cleanliness throughout the home, seeking to improve a weak spot in the home, and adding an element of life to the home.

iii. Content

These are those simple activities that can be done now--no money, special items or intense preparation necessary to achieve contentment and living well today. These ideas could really go on and on, but I simply give one or two items to do that week that focus on slowing down and enjoying your home as it is now.

It's a matter of simply naming it and doing it for the sake of enjoyment.


We'd love for you to join us in these eight weeks of Simplifying Home!

Then share your progress (photos, thoughts, questions) on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with #simplifyinghome. If you blog, you're also welcome to post your updates, then leave the direct link in the comments. (Blatant spam will not be published.)

We look forward to being inspired by how you simplify your homes!
This is being turned into an ebook full of helpful ideas and printable resources! Sign-up now to receive it for free on October 31:


  1. Ah yes! It's fun to know that you'll be doing this along with me. I've been 'home curing' the last 2 weeks and am already sensing such a difference in our house. Thanks so much for being the one who shook me loose from my home rut. Your encouragement towards simplicity has meant a lot!

    1. I'm so glad you ended up getting the Apartment Therapy book and jumping in! Are you doing his one-room remedy too, or just the Home Cure?

  2. Looking forward to reading more about your 8 week challenge. I recently had an experience that shook up the way I view my home. Unfortunately it was through a burglary, but I'm grateful that something good came out of it. You can read about my experience on my blog: The post is called THANKS FOR TAKING MY TV.

    1. Sorry for that misfortune, but how cool that something good came from it!

  3. Helpful site for those unwanted catalogs:

    1. Thank you for sharing! Catalot Choice along with a few others are listed in the information for week 1:

  4. Hi Trina! I'm popping over from Becoming Minimalist and I've read your checklist and love it! I was hoping you might be able to offer some minimalism-based guidance on something though: One of the items on the bedroom checklist was to determine if the space "inspired" you. Mine currently doesn't. BUT, to outfit it for a space that WOULD inspire me, I'd have to spend money to replace old blinds, update the paint color on the walls, perhaps get a new bedspread, buy some new artwork, etc. I'm struggling with this as it seems that a bedroom "renovation" of sorts goes against the minimalist principles of making do with what you have, and not purchasing things if they aren't "necessary". None of my upgrades are really "necessary" - I have blinds, I have a bedspread, etc. Thoughts? How do you decide when to spend the money on upgrading/decorating your home?

    1. Good question! One that probably has a different answer for everyone. Before making a decision, it's probably a good idea to spend some time thinking about why YOU like the minimalist life, and what YOU personally value. The answer to those two things influences how you personally implement minimalism in your home and in your life.

      I personally like simple living because it's greener, cheaper, and helps me focus on what really matters. However, I am not opposed to buying or updating, as long as I do so intentionally with careful consideration and don't do so on a whim. I sometimes struggle making updates in my home, because I agree, my needs are basically already met. However, I also believe in having an inspiring, calming home--that's important to me. So with careful planning and some time to be sure my choices will be long lasting, I am not opposed to making some updates throughout my home.

      As I have done this throughout the last few years, I have created a home that I am very proud of. And changes and updates have slowed considerably as I've gotten each space closer to what I long for it to be. It's a good feeling to no longer feel uneasy or discontent in our space. And I've found letting go of belongings has helped the most--once you clear out the excess, it becomes clear those one or two items that truly will help complete the space and make it something that's useful AND beautiful.

      Hope that helps!

    2. Thanks so much, Trina! Definitely helps and is food for thought. I think I will try to update slowly, and with careful consideration. Thank you again for your response - I greatly appreciate it!!


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