Hi, I'm Trina, the girl behind this blog.

Beginner Beans (by Trina Cress) is a space where we work through messy beginnings to uncover beauty in the process and joy in the simple. And hopefully enjoy growth in your own life along the way.

I write about growing a life that ends forever with Jesus.

Growing up, family called me "Beans", and I'm a self-proclaimed Epic Beginner. Get it? "Beginner Beans."

This space is where we work through those messy beginnings to uncover beauty in the process and joy in the simple. And hopefully encourage you to grow your own life along the way.

I'm stay-at-home mom to Brylee (9), Ian (6), and Oliver (2), and wife to my college sweetheart, Daniel. We call The Good Life of Nebraska home, but I'm still a Kansas-girl at heart.

Are you ready to grow your life?

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My life and writing style in 5 facts/posts:

1. I was 4 months pregnant on our wedding day. After 8 years of marriage, I finally wrote about it in Our Shame-Free Wedding Story.

2. I have 3 arrows tattooed on my back because motherhood, while an absolute joy, also brings some of my biggest challenges, which I wrote about in My Motherhood Ebenezer.

3. I'm a Christian born and raised that has an ongoing struggle with church which I wrote about in If you feel like quitting church.

4. I have a love-hate relationship with technology even while I'm a blogger and spend so much time on Instagram, which I sum up in Why I (temporarily) Quit Blogging among other posts.

5. I'm a writer and for years have been inspired to write a book that I finally shared pieces of in My Memoir in a Blog Post.

More than anything, I hope my words, written and spoken, point to growth in Jesus.

I'm glad our paths have crossed and hope you'll find a little inspiration and a practical idea or two to take with you.

Here's to growing a life forever with Jesus!


PS, you're welcome to connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Or email me at trina@beginnerbeans.com.

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