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Live simply with purpose where we are while we grow in simple faith and life.

Hi! I'm Trina, the girl behind the blog.

You can learn more about me here. This blog is about living simply where we are while growing in simple faith and life. That comes out in a variety of ways that I share below. Happy to have you!

Your Epic Beginning

If you sometimes feel like a complete beginner... If your growth in faith and life seems slow... If you're discovering the ongoing process in it all... If you need calm in the chaos of life and technology... If your "starting here" doesn't seem very glamorous...

Then you'll likely relate to what I share here on Beginner Beans.

I started this blog in December 2008 with the post Journey to Yes. It was a starting point of sorts toward the simply focused life I dreamed of. But really this is all about your journey and your yesses. My heart is that you'll find some seeds of hope as you grow in your own faith and life.

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All the Beginner Beans Things

Here's what to expect and how often from me here on Beginner Beans...

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On Blogging

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